Лаборатория RuCTF 2013 Quals - Random [200]

, 19 марта 2013

Name the person that will receive this package:

|| |  ||   ||  || | | || |  | | | || |
 | |  ||  | | | |||   | | | |||  |  ||

We have strange massage.
Size of the message is 38x3, and second line is without any space.

Firstly I supposed that it's something like message in Braille.
Then I assumed Baudot code, used for International Telegraph Alphabet. Later  I assumed a punched card... But again without success...

After it I tried to find something related to package delivery... bar codes.

And I've found huge collection of barcodes here: https://github.com/shairontoledo/rghost-barcode/wiki/82-Barcodes
Among this collection I've picked barcodes similar to barcode in the task. Here they are:

IM Barcode (Intelligent Mail barcode)
AusPost 4 State Customer Code
kix code

Using RM4SCC barcode decoder I've got the next postcode: SE11BDJB
After some search of this postcode, I've found that SE11BD it is MI6's postal address. Flag is a name of the person that will receive this package. So MI6 and JB... I understood that JB is initials of James Bond.
His name was a flag :) Awesome!!!

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