Лаборатория TJCTF 2016 - Use the Force [web 80]

, 1 июня 2016

Flask web application with unicode lower/upper issue.

On the page a link to this wep app source code is given. Web app is written in Python 3 using the Flask microframework. 
Check function that gives a flag is obfuscated. 

My teammate Yalegko deobfuscated it. The core part is:

            itertools.repeat(list([0, 32])),
                    map(ord, text.lower()),
                    map(ord, text.upper())

So to get a flag we need to find such text, where the ASCII difference of uppercase and lowercase chars (for each text char) is not 0 or 32. I.e. in Python "abc".upper() gives "ABC", and "ABC".lower() gives "abc". Non letter characters' case is not changes. I.e. "123_+".upper() gives "123_+".

At first sight, it seems impossible, but after some search I've found a discussion https://bugs.python.org/issue1528802.

Some unicode characters give unexpected results after uppercase and lowercase conversion.
See also:

So I've entered: "ı" or "œ" and got the flag:


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