Лаборатория TUCTF 2016 - Beatz for dayz [100]

, 17 May 2016

A flac file is given. 

We have the flac audio file. I opened it and heard the muffled muttering. So it is needed to go deeper.
I've opened a file in Audacity and noticed a spike of amplitude in the left channel.

After zooming in I've understood that it is Morse code message:
First version of a task was corrupted and a part of flag was not available, but later organizers uploaded fixed version, with the full flag :)
-- --- .-. ... . .. ... ..-. ..- -. which means MORSEISFUN

And the flag was: MORSE IS FUN

First version of flac file:

P. S. It is funny that right before the game, I've noticed the Morse code on the logo of a game and said that at least one of the tasks must be Morse-related :)