Новости The SiBCTF 2011 finals results

, 19 сентября 2011

The SiBCTF 2011 finals were held on 11th of September, 2011. There were 8 teams from Russia invited to take part onsite and 8 foreign teams invited to take part online. The contest winner is team «HD || !HD» from Yekaterinburg, Russia.

At the game start the teams were provided with the image of virtual machine containing vulnarable services: “MaRSAhodik”, “Paranoia”, “Sandboxes”, “Maestro” и “Terminal Edition”.

Unfortunately, there were some technical issues. For the first hours of the competition there were problems with the OpenVPN server that connected the team segments into the game network. After reconfiguration the jury decided to run the game with traditional CTF rules, to not let the teams to spend the rest of the game on learning new rules. Although, we're still enthusiastic about making a game with new rules. Stay tuned!

After solving the OpenVPN issue the teams were allowed to access the vulnerable images of each other. The teams, being tough at image analysis at the moment, begun their attacks, defences and advisory posting. The top 10 places after the competition:

  • team “HD || !HD”, Yekaterinburg, Russia — 1st place;
  • team “HackerMayCry”, Yekaterinburg, Russia — 2nd place;
  • team “PeterPen”, Saint-Petersburg, Russia — 3rd place;
  • team “Leet More”, Saint-Petersburg, Russia — 4th place;
  • team “[censored]”, Kaliningrad, Russia — 5th place;
  • team “Honeypot”, Vladimir, Russia — 6th place;
  • team “pentsec”, Spain — 7th place;
  • team “KOIBASTA”, Samara, Russia — 8th place;
  • team “Keysec”, Paris, France — 9th place;
  • team “tiwfrags”, USA — 10th place.

The cups on SiBCTF 2011 were made of birch bark and filled with pine nuts. From Siberia with love! We also want to thank Positive Technologies company for providing the first three teams with their product — the XSpider scanner. Also, the onsite participants were given souveniers from Information Security and Cryptography department of Tomsk State University and Positive Technologies company.

Positive Technologies  Information Security and Cryptography department of TSU

Big positive thanks to our positive sponsors!


Team “HD || !HD” — the 1st place

Team “HD || !HD” — the 1st place


Team “HackerMayCry” — the 2nd place

Team “HackerMayCry” — the 2nd place


Team “PeterPen” — the 3rd place

Team “PeterPen” — the 3rd place


Six teams came to participate onsite: “HD || !HD” and “HackerMayCry” from Yekaterinburg, “PeterPen” from Saint-Petersburg, “[censored]” from Kaliningrad, “Honeypot” from Vladimir, and “KOIBASTA” from Samara. Unfortunately, the winners of the SiBCTF 2011 quals — team “Plaid Parliament of Pwning” — weren't able to participate.

The “Alma Mater” paper from Tomsk State University have wrote about SIBECRYPT'11 conference and SiBCTF 2011 competitions — you can find the pdf version here. Look at the page #7.

SiBears team want to thank all the participants for good game! Hope too see you on the next bear contests!

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