Новости The “SiBCTF” registration is open

, 25 June 2011

Good news, everyone! First, the SiBears team is glad to announce the http://blackbox.sibears.ru/ service to host the “SiBCTF” quals. Second, the registration for teams and their members is open! Please, pay special attention to the notes at the bottom of the text.

Follow these steps to complete the registration.

Step 1. The rules (all participants)

The rules of the competition are quite simple.

The “SiBCTF” quals consist of the tasks provided by the jury. Each task is worth 100 points that are equally divided between the teams that solved the task. If a team uses the hints to solve the task, its share of the points is lessened. There is relative rating on the competition page.  The leading team score is taken as 100%.

The jury reserves the right to act upon their own understanding of both technical and ethical sides of the competition.

The rules explicitly prohibit the attacks on the contest system.

Step 2. Registration of participants (all participants)

All participants should acquire an account on http://blackbox.sibears.ru/. It can be accomplished in two ways. First, you can use your Google, Yandex or OpenID account to log on the service.  That's it! Second, you can register a local account on http://blackbox.sibears.ru/ by choosing the “Password” item from the “Login” menu and clicking “registration”.

The users already registered on http://blackbox.sibears.ru/ may skip this step.

Step 3. Additional info (for captains)

The captains should leave an additional info about themselves, for they are treated as the points of contact. The info consist of an E-mail address and a PGP key identifier on the subkeys.pgp.net server. The task may be accomplished by entering the profile settings (the link with your nickname in the top right corner) and clicking the “edit” link.

Step 4. Registration of the team (for captains)

You should register the team using the following link: http://blackbox.sibears.ru/admin/tasks/team/ (the “Add Team” button).  You should supply some additional info about your team.

Note that by registering the team you are automatically considered the participant, the leader, and the contact person of this team.

Step 5. Inviting members to the team (for captains)

On the http://blackbox.sibears.ru/users/ page there is the list of all users of the service. To invite a user you should enter his profile by clicking the link with his / her nickname and click the link «Send an invitation to join the team». You are notified when the user joins the team, declines your invitation, or the system rejects it.

Note that there should be not more than 7 members in your team including you.

Step 6. Joining the team (for all, except captains)

After the invitation is sent by the captain you may accept it or decline it. To make your choice you should click on the “Messages” link, pick the appropriate message, and choose either “Accept” or “Decline”.

Step 7. The participation of the team in the “SiBCTF” quals (for captains)

Because there are several competitions held by http://blackbox.sibears.ru/ service, you should confirm the participation of your team in the “SiBCTF” quals. It can be accomplished at the page http://blackbox.sibears.ru/tournaments/sibctf-quals/ (the “Confirm participation” link).

Note 1

The registration will be open until 18:00 NOVST, the 1st of July, 2011 (GMT+7). Between this time and the beginning of the competition the registration may be closed for technical reasons.

Note 2

Besides the registration info the http://blackbox.sibears.ru/ service collects the user activity statistics in the purpose of optimization and debugging. In spite of the fact that the SiBears team cares much about this information, it gives no guarantee that this information will not flow to the third parties due to software bugs or malicious attacks. After all, somebody may treat the system as just another task! By using the http://blackbox.sibears.ru/ service you agree with the fact that the SiBears team is not responsible for any personal data leaks.